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Our Story started in 2005 When a Texas Billionare asked me to find him a hot sauce that would compete with Tabasco. The Tabasco Company used the name of the State of Tabasco, in Mexico, as their trademark and in his mind they ne​ver did anything nice for the people living in that area. He wanted to find a hot sauce recipe that tasted great, and be able to say on the label." It was made in Tabasco." Bear in mind a lot of people have tried using the name Tabasco on their labels and the Tabasco company took all of them to court and won every lawsuit. I warned my billionare friend that he better really have deep pockets because they would not sit back and let him use the name Tabasco without a fight even if the reference was only that it came from the State of Tabasco.

One of his trusted advsors and I headed for Mexico to find a recipe , or a company to buy, so we could produce the product he wanted and include, "Made in Tabasco," on the label.

We had an associate line up about 10 hot sauce companies for us, to interview, at a hotel in Monterrey, Mx. On the appointed day we started early in the morning interviewing one brand after another but nothing tasted like we wanted and at the end of the day we had gone through 9 companies. We were so sick of tasting hot sauce we were about to give up but we had one more interview. The guy came to our table and set a bottle of hot sauce down and said, " If this isn't the best hot sauce you ever tasted I'll buy you a steak dinner." We both tasted the sauce and looked at each other with a smile on our faces. WE HAD FOUND THE BEST SAUCE WE EVER TASTED.

We toured the factory and bought the recipe and started to set up a Hot Sauce company in the Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, MX. We took samples to a hot sauce festival in Texas and on the label, against my better judgement, we placed the words " Made in Tabasco." Of course when you are at a major hot sauce festival the Tabasco Company will have someone there to make sure no on uses their trademark. It was not long after that we recieved a letter from Tabasco saying, " We think you made an error in judgement and inadvertnly used our trademark on your label." That's a polite way of saying if you don't take that off your label we are going to sue your ass. The billionare decided not to use his billions up fighting Tabasco so he gave me the recipe and a truckload of sauce we had made.

I'm the guy who created Cave Creek Chili Beer  so it was a natural for me to name the hot sauce "Chili Beer Hot Sauce." We even added some Chili Beer to the recipe for authenticity.

How does all this solve your problem in choosing which hot sauce to buy? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TASTE IT. We have had a money back guarantee for years and we have shipped thousands of bottles and never had to ever give anyone their money back. IT'S THAT GOOD!

You are about to purchase the best tasting

Hot Sauce you ever tasted

If you don't like I'll send your money

back no questions asked



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